Over the years, IR has invested heavily in logistics and in growing its warehouse capacity, transforming it into the beating heart of the company.

Alongside its continuous expansion in terms of space, IR has focused on the three main phases of the flow of goods: receiving, picking and packaging products before they are shipped.

Thanks to continuous technological updates to its warehouse, IR has succeeded in improving its logistics performances in all respects, without losing the flexibility required to meet its customers’ needs.

Strengths of the IR warehouse

  • Over 90% product availability
  • 24-hour shipping within Italy
  • Shipping to other European countries within 48-72 hours
  • Minimized errors thanks to a double optical inspection
  • Drop shipment: direct delivery to the end user on behalf of the retailer

Spain and Portugal are served by the local DSO and Office 24 warehouses, which offer a wide-ranging knowledge of their respective markets.

German supplies come from Italy, but there is also a support warehouse in Germany, to make service even faster and more efficient.

The rest of Europe and non-European areas are served by the central warehouse near Reggio Emilia.


Via degli Artigiani, 7
42019 Bosco di Scandiano - Reggio Emilia
Tel: +39 0522 766011 (11 Linee)  -  Fax: +39 0522 766744 (4 Linee)

Email: info@itrip.it

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